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Industrial Design

In every project we find the solution that merges our vision with our client's expertise to bring to life objects that are beautiful, functional, manufacturable, progressive, and economically viable. We work with major corporations as well as start-ups to create and develop game changing concepts in virtually every category of consumer goods. From concept initiation, through design development, detailing, prototyping, and guidance in manufacturing, our team of industrial designers has extensive background in creating designs that elevate the experiences of everyday life.

Graphic / Branding

We specialize in pattern, print, branding and creative direction. Our clients work directly with the creative team on a variety of projects which allows for no missed deadlines and no offshore work. We produce designs that help create or revitalize brands that get noticed through a variety of print and other media. Depending on the nature of the project, graphics is intertwined in product and interior design. We have the ability design a project under one roof which allows for a more seamless process and holistic design.

Interior Design

As an industrial design firm that has grown into interior design over the past 15 years, we have evolved into a full service design firm, helping our clients to achieve their goals on a broad range of project typologies and global locations. Our studio has an international team of talented designers and we are supported by a varied portfolio of global consultants for any type of project. We design at every scale, from the private residence to the towering mixed use building. We are equipped to support our clients with integrated service through the lifecycle of a project.


We believe that we live in a very special time for humanity, where technology, through the digital revolution, has afforded us new tools to design better space in ways never before conceived. Our multidisciplinary studio reflects this digital renaissance in its day to day functioning where industrial designers, graphic designers, architects and interior designers collaborate to design space together. All departments work together for a holistic final product be it a hotel, pen, sofa or logo. Diversity affords us the ability to cross-pollinate ideas, materials, behaviors, aesthetics and language from one typology to the next. Diversity in mindsets also shapes our global point of view thanks to an international staff that speaks 12 languages.